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Art Smith
...My displays are the perfect
compliment to your fine guns

Horizontal Gun Displays
Our standard design horizontal
gun stands are available in one to
eight firearm positions. All stands
are designed with a keyed trestle
to provide a rigid assembly that
can be easily disassembled for
shipping or transport.

Trestles are available in 24" or 30"
spacing (use 30" for muzzleloaders)

Each point where the gun contacts
the stand is well cushioned. Select
walnut, white oak or cherry with a
fine satin finish.
Single, Cherry
Double, White Oak
Triple, Walnut
Lever Action Rifle Stands
Lever action display stands are available
in a tall or a short version. Our standard
horizontal can also be adapted to hold
lever action firearms.
The trestle key can be
crafted in our standard
white oak, walnut, cherry
or on special request
ebony and purpleheart
(key only)


White Oak


Tall Version (Left) Short Version (Right)
Kentucky Rifle Stands
The Kentucky rifle display stand
holds three guns and is
constructed of curly maple with
supports on 30" centers and a 4"
vertical offset to enable patchbox
on all of the guns to be visable.
Kentucky Rifle Stand Photo Coming Soon!